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My name is Katya,
I am an independent brand designer, focused on purposeful branding that helps my clients to stand out in a saturated market environment and get the right strategy and visuals to reach their goals.


What is a purposeful branding?

A purposeful brand creates positive impact on day to day life of its customers
and helps to establish an emotional connection between the business and the client. This connection is deeply rooted to brand values and brand story and has a strongly recognized visual component. 

After 10 years of corporate career in branding, marketing and business development, successfully leading marketing, sales and design teams, I decided to follow my passion for creativity, visual communications and design and got a degree in Graphic Design to be able to execute the creative process myself.  

Shortly after I started my design journey, I realized that I had an amazing opportunity to combine my experience in strategy and my creative skills, to offer much more than a simple design - to offer a system that connects all aspects of a solid successful brand, both foundational and visual, and to help my clients achieve clarity with their brand presence.

My ideal clients are entrepreneurs, coaches, freelance consultants, owners of small and medium brands, with a strong focus on delivering an authentic experience, living their brand purpose and building close customer connections, who want a set of powerful personalized tools to support their brand on a long run. 

If you want to work with me, just drop a line and we can set up a discovery call.
As easy as that.

katya haro design