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My name is Katya

and I am the face, heart and soul behind | katya haro design |, 

a freelancing brand design expert, passionate about helping my clients

(both small businesses and creative agencies) with meaningful branding

What is meaningful branding?

A meaningful brand creates positive impact on day to day life of its customers

and helps to establish an emotional connection between the business and the client. This connection is deeply rooted to brand values and brand story and has a strongly recognized visual component. 

After 10 years of corporate career in marketing and business development, successfully leading marketing, sales and design teams, 

I decided to follow my passion for visual communications and design,

and to get a degree in Graphic Design to being able to execute

creative process myself.  

Shortly after I started my design journey I realized that my passion and talent lie in all aspects of branding: from helping my clients to identify brand personality, purpose and strategy to putting all of this into a visual form. 

My niche is assisting solo entrepreneurs and boutique aspiring brands and businesses, as it is a perfect platform for me to use both my graphic design and brand strategy skills to make a brand stand out and to tell its story through

a comprehensive and unique visual identity. 

Do you have a project to discuss?

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