Brand Strategy

what it is and why you need it

What is Brand Strategy

  Your brand identity is so much more than a logo or typography guidelines or a color palette. In fact, visual elements is what comes last. 

  To give you an example - can you do a tailor-made suit without taking the measurements of a person it is being done for? Same applies to visual identity design, without brand strategy foundation it might look good, but it might not fit. 

  When we talk about foundation, it includes every aspect that makes your brand authentic and special: your values, your purpose, your promise, your customer experience, your voice and personality. Once you get the foundation right, you will know exactly what will and what won't work for the visual aspect. 

brand essence and brand visual identity 

Why your business needs Brand Strategy?

  Educated design decisions have a much greater impact on your business that you might think. Good-looking images are great, but if the message behind them is wrong, what impression will your brand leave to the client? This is why it is imperative to get your brand strategy right before starting the design process. 

  Brand strategy takes your vision and turns it into an organized, clear and most importantly - actionable plan. After a complete brand strategy workshop you will not have issues with your "elevator pitch", because you will know your Why and What and you will know exactly how to communicate it to the right audience. 

What is my process and packages?

  I offer 3 packages on Brand Strategy suitable for different type of businesses and different style of entrepreneurship. 

Ideal for hands-on solopreneurs who are looking into more of a DYI brand strategy curated by an expert. 

What you will get:

​ - one hour session to get to know your business and your challenges

 - Brand Strategy Roadmap, Brand Essence Worksheet and a Mood Board to give you a creative direction

USD 199


Package 1 - STARTER

Ideal for hands-on solopreneurs and small business owners who need in-depth brand strategy outline done for them

What you will get:

​ - three (3) one hour sessions

 - Brand Strategy Roadmap, Brand Essence Worksheet, Buyer Persona Worksheet and a Mood Board to give you a creative direction

USD 499


Package 2 - ESSENTIAL

Ideal for solopreneurs and business owners who want 

the brand strategy done for them from A to Z.

What you will get:

​ - five (5) one hour sessions

 - Brand Strategy Roadmap, Brand Essence Worksheet, Buyer Persona Worksheet, Brand Positioning Action Plan (high level strategy), Brand Voice with key word suggestions

 - Extensive Visual Component (moodboard, color combos, typography guideline)

Package 3 - PREMIUM


USD 999

For any package, you can add a logo design and a basic branding kit at

a rate of USD 200 (20% off the regular price).

Whichever package you choose, you will receive a highly personalized approach and a strategy that is tailor-made to your business needs and challenges. 

Not sure which package to take?

Drop me a line and I will be happy to answer any doubts.

Ready to start your brand strategy journey?

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