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Naaj Designs

joy ・ sophistication ・ freedom

Every Morning_edited.jpg

Naaj Designs produces beautifully crafted hand blocked cotton robes, kimonos and cover ups. The printed materials allow for their clients to step into and try on something bright, colorful and majestic - a diversion from the everyday neutral like a sweet memory of a vacation on the beach.


The garments are an expression of freedom and true self, as there are so many prints to align with ones personality and inner child.

The goal of the project was to create a clean, modern and sophisticated visual identity. Since the products are very diverse in color and print, we opted for a neutral color palette to allow versatility when it comes to marketing.  

moodboard kimono beach women green blush
logo design feminine minimalist
color palette blush green mint
logo design feminine minimalist blush
logotype logo design feminine minimalist blush
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