Social Media

why it ALSO needs a brand designer

What is Social Media branding?

None of us can deny the importance of social media being an impactful marketing tool to grow and promote your business, get leads and convert sales. Fastest growing social media networks are focusing predominantly on visual content.  

Social media visuals refer to the content of your social media account, from profile picture to cover photo to your posts.

Human brain processes images much faster than words, so before your audience starts reading your caption, they will see the image first. And this image has
to be good enough to make them stay and read the text. And if the image is really good, they will go check out your profile, click on your website and consider using your services. 

social media branding design

social media set up for an online fashion store

What is important?

The key to branded social media content is to keep it consistent.

The colors, the font, the layout, the style of images - everything should speak your brand voice and reflect your brand personality.

How I can help

I offer several packages that will cover your business on social media channels
and it includes:

  • Setting up your profile picture and cover image across several social media platforms

You want your brand to be recognized immediately on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube and so on. You want the graphics to be appropriate in terms of content and dimension and you most certainly want it to look good on desktop, tablet and mobile. 

social media branding fashion store e-commerce

social media post design for an online fashion store

  • Designing your social media posts or templates

When it comes to Instagram, we will start with Instagram grid layout strategy, this is a mandatory service, where we go through your branding, content blocks, posting frequency and design not only posts, but a feed itself, which is extremely important and reflects on your overall Instagram profile.

Social media post design includes an actual post or a template that will incorporate your logo and branded color palette, on-brand photographs and images, branded icons and typography.
I strongly believe in not only providing you with services, but also leave you with tools that you can use yourself on a long run. That is why I can design templates for your in Canva, that you can use by yourself moving forward. 

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