Visual Identity

what it is and how it is done

The importance of Branding 

If you are considering to hire a graphic designer for your business, you probably already realized how important your brand’s visual component is.

Visual identity is so much more than just a logo and matching colors.

The goal of your brand’s visuals is to awaken senses, stir emotions and create a connection between your brand’s personality and your ideal client, ultimately leading to a strong and positive brand association.

art gallery logo design inspirational branding

visual identity design for a contemporary art gallery

The role of design in Branding

There are several tools in building up your brand, and design is one of them.

Design makes your brand values, features, qualities, market advantage and personality visible.

However, for the design to work this way, you need to make sure that you identify all those attributes before approaching a brand designer. 

As branding expert with more than 10 years of extensive marketing experience, I cannot stress enough the importance of establishing your brand foundational strategy before moving on to any visuals. This is why I structured a rational workflow to help you cover most of the strategy aspects before we begin with the design.

And if you would like some expert advice on Brand Strategy part, I offer comprehensive packages to help you get started.

Moodboard fashion e-commerce women fashion brand

final moodboard for online fashion store

My workflow

Before anything else, we will have an initial call, so you can learn more about me and I can get to know you and your project better. It is imperative for me to have a good idea about your business, your timeline and your expectations. It is an opportunity for you as a client to learn about me, about how I work and what the process and timeline are.
After an initial call you will receive a proposal with detailed quote, timeline and deliverables.

Once the contract is signed and deposit is received, the work begins. 

brand logo design process

Stage 1  |  Discovery 

Coming from marketing background, I understand the importance of your brand visuals being relevant:
- r
elevant to your audience
- relevant to the market
- relevant to the competition
- relevant to your brand story
- relevant to your brand goals 

So yes, what we are going to do first is to discover all that.

I have created a comprehensive brand questionnaire
that covers all important areas of your brand strategy to help me get your vision right. 

Stage 2  |  Moodboard Mapping

Once I get the questionnaire back, I’ll be creating a mood board that will serve as a visual reflection of the information you provided for me, and at the same time, this is the starting point of conceptualization.

Stage 3  |  Concept Development

This is hands down my favorite stage of every project.

Based on the outcome from discovery and mood board mapping, I am going to develop 3 different concepts for your logo and brand visual direction. 
You will have to explore different possibilities with your business image, and there is no better way than seeing completely different ideas applied to one brand. 

Stage 4  |  Refinement 

Through concept development we are looking for a perfect match for your business. But concepts are in a way just digital sketches, and once we found your perfect match, we move on to the next stage - refining those little, but very important details, that include:
- logo variations
- color palette
- typography

Stage 5  |  Visual Identity Application 

So your primary brand assets - logo, brand colors, typography, are done, and now it is time to ensure that your brand's image is not only relevant, but also consistent across all communication channels.

I can help you with business cards, brochures, branded presentations, social media branding and many other aspects, to have you all set for your business launch. 

I also provide art direction for website design to ensure your website projects the intended look and feel. 

logo on the wall mock up logo signage street art

logo application as wall art


What if you already have a logo and all that, but for some reason it doesn't suit your business needs anymore?

Maybe your target audience changed, or market situation has evolved, or you added a new product or service? 

Whatever it is, the process of rebranding remains almost the same, as creating a new brand. It is way deeper than just tweaking the existing logo.

We will re-discover your brand together in order for your business to move forward.  

Brand Audit

You feel and see that something about your brand isn't working.

Sometimes it takes only a small tweak to make it perfect, sometimes a full rebrand is required, sometimes the logo is fine, but the collaterals are off. 

I can help you to point out what changes exactly are needed to enhance your brand image and strengthen your brand presence.

Brand audit can offer you different solutions - short and long term ones, and can be a good fit when you might not have a big budget for a full rebrand.   

Are you ready to make the business

visual and visible?