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bespoke branding solutions

for intentional entrepreneurs &
aspirational brands

Timeless, memorable, instantly recognizable, versatile
are just a few characteristics of a successful brand identity.

At the very core of it stands brand strategy.

Your mission, your vision, a brand story that captivates your audience and creates an emotional response, brand values that make your clients feel like they belong, a comprehensive market analysis and well-defined brand positioning -
all these components form a solid foundation for your brand's visuals.

I am here to provide you with both:
a rock-solid brand foundation and visual that will make your brand stand out.   


When you put 

at the heart of your design,

brand strategy

you get the visuals that help your business thrive, leaving a deeper impact on your customers and generating more sales.

How can I help you?

Brand Strategy

-  research
-  brand audit
-  discovery workshops
-  brand strategy
- ​ 
competition analysis
-  brand positioning
-  tone of voice
-  buyer persona definition

Visual Identity & Branding

-  logo design
-  visual language systems
-  brand guidelines
-  marketing collateral
- ​ 
digital media
-  packaging
-  merchandise
-  art direction

Social Media Design

-  social media brand audit
-  social media visual strategy
-  cross-platform templates design


Why me?

Unlike many designers, who became brand strategists after realizing how important the strategy component was, I went the other way around and got into a creative world with
a strong understanding of brand strategy and 10 years experience in marketing
and business development, working for companies like Hyatt and Marriott. 

With my experience and expertise, I help my clients to create a system that will work for their brand as long as it is needed, evolving with the brand, supporting all other strategies - internal and external.

I believe in a holistic approach in everything, and branding is no exception.

If you need clarity to define and expand your brand vision, a systematic approach to position your brand or a set of visual identity assets that will perfectly reflect what your business is all about  -  we might just be a perfect fit. 


Ready to explore what a purposeful branding is all about?

or email me directly

at hello@katyaharodesign.com