Design is a silent ambassador of your brand 

meaningful branding​ & design

for solopreneurs, start ups

& authentic brands

Have you ever wondered

if the right branding would've made your business

more successful, 

deeper impacted your customers,

generated more sales?

Visual identity design does not start with choosing a logo or a color palette. Visual identity starts with listening to your brand's voice, analyzing your target audience and their lifestyle choices, carefully shaping your brand's personality and thinking way ahead of the ways to market it.

Visual identity that takes all of these attributes into consideration

is the key to mould your brand's authentic shape. 

How can I help you?

I am here to help you with two major aspects

of your brand's online and offline presence

Visual Identity & Branding

Social Media Design

Why me?

With 10 years of marketing experience across luxury leisure, travel & hospitality, 

formal degree in Graphic Design and diverse freelancing career working with wide range of brands, I won't only design you a good logo.


I will help you to shape your brand's presence across various platforms

and communication mediums. 

I will help you to look different (and better!) in a competitive market environment. 


I will help you to connect with your ideal client in a meaningful way.  

Alanna Brannigan

Harvest Moon Marketing

It has been a pleasure working with Katya.

She is very intuitive, has great design sense and has been quick to respond. I am very happy with the final product and I would not hesitate to recommend her. 

—  Name, Title

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